Saturday, February 02, 2008

Substance and style on the merry go round

As a 'child of the revolution', over at the echo chamber for Liarbour's talking points, the new red contestant for Hunua, JC himself has been doing analysis of Dear Leader's substance and style. Not much of either has been apparent of late from her indoors, just as always being negative and extremely economical with the truth.

If the public don’t know what politicians stand for and what their real agenda is, then the public stands to feel deeply betrayed when the truth comes out

Seems all current crime is a direct result of 'the mother of all budgets' which showed the long overdue financial restraint on all, including dole bludgers. Guess who caused that budget all those years ago? Damn right, drastic action was a necessary move. Seems Liarbour was in the game of purchasing elections then as now.

This morning, Fran O'Sullivan reminds us very clearly why that budget was delivered as the then Deputy PM in cahoots with with the rest of the Cabinet to hide the fact that the BNZ was about to go belly up and the economy was like $4bn short. Something which the Liarbour liars at the helm were so desperate to hide from the public for weeks whilst an election battle raged.

First thing the newly elected Nats knew about the dreaded 'R' word was the next day when they were quickly informed that the cupboard was indeed barren, hence the ensuing budget. Quick action was needed to get NZ back on track in growth mode.

Ironically Clark is now the political beneficiary of Richardson's tough calls

So the next time the echo chamber wishes paint an airbrushed picture of substance and style, could I suggest that the whole truth is told.

As then, I suspect drastic action will be needed this time again and I look forward to the knife again being wielded savagely in the bureaucracy trough.

What goes round...

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