Thursday, January 31, 2008

One down, how many to go?

After vilifying zero interest for student loans at the last election, National has swallowed one dead rat.

I suspect there are a few more, like endorsing Cullen's nightmare for business, KiwiSaver.

Maybe even leaving alone just for this election, with a strong proviso, the holy grail of supporters, getting rid of the divisive Maori seats. Hell, they might just need Tariana's mob to pip her indoors from cobbling together a coalition to get in like she did last time, but once there, mark my words, they will be ditched. It will happen, the sooner the better to stop all flag waving
separatism and put paid to the parallel grievance industry.

Hard to swallow, but sometimes these things have to be done.

God help them if they renege on repealing the EFA post haste or implementing the referendum if it meets its' target.

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Inventory2 said...

PM - I hope they take a similar pragmatic stance on 20Free hours ECE. My wife and I operate an ECE service, and it would be a nightmare to have to dismantle the systems we have put in place.