Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh, for the want of an editor

A crash near Matamau in the Manawatu is causing lengthy delays to traffic on State Highway Two...

Over the weekend when I last drove through Matamau, it was relatively near the Manawatu River. It may well be in the Manawatu Policing area, but it is actually a village in the Tararua District. The Manawatu District this article apparently refers to is at least 50km away over a mountain range by Fielding.

Get it right, Tararua District is not in the Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa or even the Manawatu districts. Lazy reporting. Grab the email and release without checks or local knowledge?

Need a decent editor?


Another couple lost supposedly in the Wairarapa. Herbertville is on the east coast of Tararua, not Wairarapa.

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Max Patmoy said...

It would be good to see the whole article, the author and publlishing medium. Do you really think any responsible comments will be forthcomming?