Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome to the Year of the Rat

Happy New Year to all.

Seen this very day in a field of cows near me. Inspired by this.

Unlike fellow travellers in the blogosphere, I will not be making statements re the validity / purpose of this blog. I do however recommend that you do NOT vote for those who supported the EFA, namely Liarbour, Winston First, The Tree Huggers and the Fence Sitter.

Like the turd and the brick, the EFA cannot be polished.

The game is now on.


dad4justice said...

Agreed PM of NZ ,

Kiwi's are at the mercy of a totally irrational government and political idiocy of the highest order .

In solidarity mate .

All the best in the year of the rat .

dad4justice said...

"I have long suspected POC is D4J - the two are always a counter to each other in many threads."

What the hell did you say that for ? What the hell is wrong with you ?
Why did you say this on kiwiblog today ?

Simeon said...

Some call it the EFA, I call it EFLuent !!