Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Zealanders need something to remember Sir Ed by

As the political beast awakes from its post Christmas/New Year holiday season slumber, some are want to cash in on any matter that might give them or their party traction in an election year. Politicians will plumb any depth, paraphrasing Mr Ryan over at Macquarie Dictionary (Oct 2006), always stroking their
large dysfunctional egos, in search of a media identity

We have already seen her indoors morbid style again by turning up with a media circus in tow. Jim 'Me too' Anderton feels left out and is raising his profile, maybe speaking sense on these matters. Tree Huggers Inc, ever looking out for a partner to put over a coalition barrel later in the year, is trying to get their party immortalised in the electorate's mind by being associated with the call for an aptly named landform or public holiday. Winston First has been strangely quiet - is the Himalayan Trust about to get a $158K donation?

Even the clergy is getting in on the act with various padres making platitudes about how nice it is to be handpicked for such an occasion. Get on with your job of god bothering and arranging the send off, you are not trying to buy re-election.

It is absolutely sickening to watch this parade of sychophants looking for the spotlight. It will interesting to see how many true family/friends vs politicos needing to be in the media turn up as invited guests at the church. There is one constant in all of this, I know politicians do nothing without considering the potential for
political capital gain.

This funeral is about Sir Edmund Hillary and family, not any other person, politician or party looking for a media identity.

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