Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Rates to drop 17.5%

Auckland Robbery Company wastes $200,000,000.00 of our money annually on useless things like bureaucracy and morning teas.

They work in a cost plus mode, ie should costs rise, they will stiff you in subsequent tax rounds for that amount, plus large contingencies and as always, add GST as a double taxation.

Seems their financial witches peering into the crystal ball overshot the mark last year for they they banked $34M too much of our dosh. First time in history.

Give us a 17.5% discount this year you cry. Not bloody likely, Mr Banks says, now you can stump up $20M to that private monument to Trev in Helen's backyard.

Like hell, I say.
You can stick your proposed 5% rise, I look forward to my wallet being raped less this year. (Maybe even being stuffed to the brim in an effort to purchase my vote) Look, a flock of pigs...

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