Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hoisted by their own petard?

The NZ political blogosphere playing field has been sharply levelled this afternoon as what appears to be Liabours' undeclared mouthpiece at the www.thestandard.org.nz has been taken offline.

The site has been a rank source of trolling, with running internal commentary on posts between their own people, long suspected to be Liarbour Staffers. Earlier this week they were outed as most likely being hosted on servers paid for by the taxpayer on close inspection of their IP addresses.

As they were peddling their rose-tinted ideology to the masses, under the EFA starters orders which came into force on New Years' day, they are required to reveal their identities and show the appropriate address.

Their shutdown in the last hour will level the field for right bloggers such as KB and Whaleoil, who have been sorely tried by their relentless drivel.

Well done WhaleOil and others. Could this lead to the first prosecution under the EFA?

Update: 1700
Appears to be back online - may have shifted server to server2.thestandard.org.nz at same IP address of

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