Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuhoe Ambassador to the Monarchy?

If the pseudonym is to be believed, our very own Tuhoe Ambassador to the Monarchy has let rip over at The Guardian.


"I was rather surprised that Sir Edmund, after being honoured with a knighthood and various diplomatic posts, chose to be buried in New Zealand. I would have thought he would leave his remains here in England. It was rather a slap in the face for England that his last wish was to be buried there."

Dead right, readthepaper. Strip his honours posthumously, traitorous ungratful swine that he is! Strip EVERYONE with honours... everyone across Her great Commonwealth that dares to die and be buried... fffft!... in their HOMELAND!?? How quaint and distasteful.

Seriously though - the appalling weather, the pervading sense of "God, I'm trapped here" misery, the rubbish, the puke on every footpath (and, I bet, in the cemetries)... can you blame the old fella for wanting to spend his eternity somewhere else?

As has been pointed out, it's a snowstorm-in-a-teacup being whipped up by a small, irrelevant media about an ugly, out-of-touch and COMPLETELY irrelevant monarchy.

Imagine if they topped it, all at once. Now THERE'S a funeral I'd consider flying across the world to attend.

Does not seem overtly friendly to her indoors from Buck House. Could be a terrorist in in the making with such a nice turn of phrase.

HT to whoever said there was such a thread about the royal row over at The Guardian. Unfortunately, I opened the link in a new browser window and cannot remember how I got there by the time I saw the above gem.

Update - found source - KB

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