Friday, January 18, 2008

Unions playing the man

The opening tactics of the fight Liarbour hopes to bring us over the next few months as they degenerate into all out war to get re-elected by any foul means have been revealed. Similar processes have been none too covert on blogs that dare to criticise Dear Leader's policies and methodologies to buy yet another election.

The unions are going to carry the bully-boy fight to the unwashed by playing the man rather than the message.
This is where Trev and others got off last year by being physical in and around the chamber. The low bar has been set, unions will be the attack mongrels, keeping the likes of Trev out of the frame and hopefully out of negative media whilst he is garnering votes.

The survey by employers suggests that personal grievances have increased by more than a quarter, the unions cry poor survey techniques, not arguing why the issues have arisen or how they might be fixed. It seems that a fair few cases do not get to the ERA, only high profile ones, employers choosing to settle the weaker ones out of mediation. So the DOL figures of ERA cases, the unions use to show a very low / steady state problem, do not reflect the true status.

Employers know what they spend money on and
perception is everything. I suggest that the law is such a convoluted process, it is hard for employers to get it right and employees are more willing to try it on.

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Inventory2 said...

lightly off topic PM, but you've gotta love the heat the boys at The Standard are taking today