Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On target, game on

The first real shot in the 2008 Election was fired at Ellerslie today and as the commentariat suggests, it is right on target.

Especially to possibly instill a work ethic into bludgers who utter such gems as
“You can’t take away my dole, I don’t want to work and I don’t have to, its a Labour Government”

The speech is a welcoming, positive and refreshing sense of direction, that will unfortunately be attacked line by line by her indoors at tomorrow's round two over at the eco-dinosaur's palace in the west.

At least the opening salvo has been fired, I await the repartee from the attack mongrels Cullen and this years' new bully boy Carter. Both are ever ready to deliver Liarbours' well known brand of negativity and vitriol, whilst they engage in their core business of stealing yet another election.

Game on at last and no, my vote cannot be purchased.

Do NOT vote Labour

Update: The duty Liarbour attack cur is already into the fray. I thought we had laws against dangerous breeds?

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