Thursday, January 31, 2008

Repent, the dreaded 'R' word is upon us

That which cannot be named is gathering momentum what with the virtual collapse of the certain markets overseas. (Can't get a link up to the speech with the dreaded 'R' word over at Liabour's website - according to that her indoors hasn't made a speech since Nov 07 since she went walkabout in the shifting sands)

The banks are now getting in on the act. So what, BTDT in the 70's with 18% second mortgages and 26% personal loans from those thieves. Just didn't get the T-Shirt, couldn't afford it or qualify for a WINZ handout to pay for it. Maybe I was a rick prick in those days too, but Piggy just didn't tell me so.

Not much solace for these blue chip landlords though. They are only too well aware that the dreaded 'R' word has arrived.

Coming to a wallet near you soon. Repent, the 'R' word will indeed change the frivolous and wanton lifestyles of you, the rich pricks.

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