Friday, January 25, 2008

Doomsday clock ticking

156 days to go...

Ever since the launch of Microsoft's Vista, in its many confusing variants, the replacement for XP has struggled to find anyone to seriously endorse it or say anything good about it.

Vista's purported little brother was destined for the scrapheap last year, but XP continues to hold market share, so much that MS extended it's shelf life to June 30 this year.

As the woes continue, InfoWorld has launched a petition, with a ticking doomsday clock to keep the stable XP operating system, while MS looks very, very bad.

My view is that XP is what NT was like in the 90's. It was a radical departure, did the job, after a few iterations and is now very successful. Sure I went to a MS meme on Vista, had the freebie lunch but like many remain unconvinced enough to shell out any more dollars for MS product.

Why fix something with bloatware that really wasn't broken? The recommend from all is to stay with XP as long as possible if it is spinning your wheels.
How many ways can you write a letter anyway? The next step for me will be a fully capable Linux machine, ditching MS completely. Just waiting for something to die.

The real problem is that most current hardware that does run XP very well, just will not handle the frightening load increase required by Vista clogging it's arteries. So, not only a mortgage is needed to purchase the MS bloatware, a second mortgage is needed to buy new hardware to see the new desktop.

Meanwhile MS continues it's backslapping.

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