Wednesday, January 30, 2008

EFA Brick II

Her indoors electorate office seems to be attracting heaps of the wrong attention of late.
  • A message with a brick attached through the window for a New Year's resolution.
  • SHVC protestors all over the building
  • A second message, again with a brick attached through the window today to make sure the message has got through.

Somebody is real pissed with the EFA message, but is not holding back, taking every opportunity to pass on their message

the time has come for active civil disobedience and resistance to increasing state control

NRT is getting all upset over the brick accusing the right of [sic]
whiping up hate in its base and pandering to the worst elements of the sewer

How the hell does I/S work out it is the right?

He also asks the question
Shouldn't these dickheads be in court already?

Good call, we could ask the same question about this vicious union leftard thug.


SVHC are what they are - just how many of these
eco-terrorist nutters have held intimate conversations with snails, laid on working train tracks and are still on firearms charges?

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