Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Immigrants want State to provide ID

A recent immigrant, imported for his stash of wedge, failed a company director's credit rating check, due to having a name and a DOB the same as another already flagged as being a financial risk. As an aside, how come this check was not done at the outset by immigration?

The ANZ turned the credit check down and all hell broke loose. Problem has now been sorted, but the would be director is making loud noises about having unique id's for each and every one, in line with common practice by Euro states.

We already have that - only the IRD Constabulary would dearly love to be able to tattoo the number on your forehead the day you are born. I feel sure that the Nanny Stasi has this well advanced, able to employ more bureaucrats to manage a national database, citing post 9/11 security needs. It's for your own good you know. They need to be able to identify you anywhere and anytime.

Yeah right, get back under your rock.

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