Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Opportunistic events in deepest South Auckland

After the horrors of the last week in deepest South Auckland, the Minister of Plods has been out and about, expanding her carbon footprint, trolling the electorate for votes.

Opportunistic events, very timely, I say, what with her indoors delivering her me-too meme to the eco-terrorists and other freeloaders having a brekkie (on the rate payers?) out west today.

After all, all the votes they can get from the area are needed after turfing out their allegedly corrupt employer of imported tilers, who was not only allegedly very good at under the table deals, but also was allegedly reasonably good at purchasing red votes.

Currently lost for inspiration, the Minister has recently taken a very strong interest in the area to show the sheeple that their vote can be indeed bought with comments like

We have taken the issues of this community seriously

What we can't address is a random event in the middle of the night. There is no way a police officer could have have been standing on that corner at that time."

Were opportunistic events

They happened here [this time] but sometimes they happen in Rotorua and sometimes they happen in Wellington

It's how you address them and the resilience of the community, working with the local authority and government that is important

Yes, voters, what she really means is that

  • We are only interested because we need all the votes we can get.
  • Dear Leader is currently running with this topic and it is a good photo-op.
  • Random events occur all the time, particularly in all the hotspots.
  • We could predict exactly where, Mr Plod already knows all the tinnie houses, but do absolutely nothing about it, except early in election years.
  • Keep a stiff upper lip, move along, nothing to see, like you won't see me, any action or Mr Plod for dust tomorrow
Yeah, right!

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