Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thieves (Oxygen) in Rotovegas

As if there are not enough laws to cover various crimes, some oxygen thieves in Rotovegas want another bylaw to possibly catch a gang of thieves targetting tourists.

Why is the crime of theft from a tourist any more of a crime than against a local? Oh, because it hurts our image and we must keep up appearances at all costs.

Without suggesting more stupid local versions of national laws, how about you actually get Mr Plod to do something about the issue? Oh no, problem gone, no income stream. While your at it, have a close look and cull other stupid bylaws that parallel national laws. As it often said, 'follow the money'.

The only sensible idea is to alter the national law to make ALL CRIMES carry a mandatory jail sentence, irrespective of the class of the victim.

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