Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Islug to go

The main competition of the NZ Internet scene is about to bow out after 14 years. Islug, yes that is what I call it, for it notoriously unreliable - I do know so as I have had an address ending with ihug.co.nz for about 11 of those 14 years. Initially it was the only real competition.

Since Vodafone took over, the service has gone from half usable to non-existent. Dropouts a lot of the time, slow transfer rates and living as a valued customer in queue a mile or more long to talk to someone from the sub-continent is just not on. One of these days, they may actually wake up to personal service and the fact that when you are having Internet or wireless connection issues, that maybe you cannot surf their website trawling their FAQs.

The alternative of the main player is a path I will never take. Personal preferences can cost dearly and I have a long memory. Vodafone has also, of late, managed to procure itself a position down there with the main player.

Come April, I will be actively looking for a change in my email address and somewhere different to park my small phone bill. If ony I could ditch that piece of copper hired from the usurious main player. That piece of copper costs more than my phone bill.

Any recommendations for an inexpensive rural alternative, readers?

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