Friday, January 11, 2008

Tainted money

Granny has done a ring round seeing if any charities would like $158K. Many suggest it would be most welcome, but baulk at the idea of it being Winston First's tainted money, citing it would have to be ratified by their board.

I say to any charity who touches this tainted money, just watch the public pressure that will be applied and watch all your alternative public funding sources dry up. Hope you have a good budget without funding.

Also, now we are in 'election year' under the EFA, does any political statement 'donation' of this magnitude come off Winnie's total? If so, well done Winnie, nice of you to buy a charity while trying to get re-elected. Pay the money back to Parliamentary Services where you stole it from.

Also, has Mr Fence Sitter paid the amount he stole back yet?

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