Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The boil is being lanced

The festering pustule that is Liabour and its' coalition of the willing bauble takers that has infested the NZ political landscape for nine long years is being lanced as I write.

The donor scandal just gets worse by the hour. Rich prick pot, this is kettle. How is your glasshouse?

Seems Winnie is fair pissed, he has been seriously upstaged by his party Prez and a right wing blogger. Also the alleged donor. An outright denial from any party would clear the air, but neither will cede.

Rivetting stuff. More entertainment to follow. Next to complete the cure - an election shortly?


PM of NZ said...

1325 spam deleted

Simeon said...

Hi PM,

The petition calling for a referendum on the ‘anti-smacking’ law has got well over the 286,000 signatures required!!


PM of NZ said...

23 Feb 1553
Spam deleted again - take you Java enabled spam elsewhere

PM of NZ said...


I know that - every blog site , including multiple threads, I have visited of late is link-whored with your message.