Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yanking the chain

While we live largely shielded from the day to day storms that rage in the larger economic markets of the world, sometimes we are not isolated from their effects.

Faced with the level in the bribe pot dramatically reducing over a couple of months, at such a rapid rate, like the most water supplies of late, him indoors has now taken to cancelling speeches to the unwashed because
the minister was not feeling well and would deliver the address at a later date

More like, with diminishing returns on the Super fund and negative returns on Kiwisaver funds, the bribes that could have been offered to punters whilst promoting budgetary perfection are not so likely. Yes, the song sheet is changing fast. Tax cuts, forget them, they are the $1.5 billion plus buffer. The bribes that must be offered, so necessary to be re-elected, are first inline, just like diplomatic offerings to this resident in a certain principality.

Ever pessimistic, like the half-empty bribe pot,
funding for pledges have to come from somewhere. I expect nothing less than a repeat 'Mother of all budgets' next year for the necessary correction.

Yes, Mr Cullen, stop yanking the chain on your yo-yo, I know you will do anything to stop paying a single cent in a tax cut.

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