Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Picking the scab

Well, here we are again, another year and the same issues are being raised.

All the usual suspects are in their respective corners, some to use the day for protest, most to have a nice holiday for they care not about the politics at play.

And the politics have been out to the forefront this election year. Interesting that Tame and his Tuhoe cohorts, who never apparently signed the treaty, but want independent sovereignty, have decided to use Waitangi for a day to get their message across.

Her indoors and the PM in waiting went their respective ways, she looking for a 'bit of dignity', he to mix and mingle while still getting his message through. I think the win definitely goes to him, his presence and willingness to front earns heaps of kudos.

We continue to flagellate ourselves over this supposed National day, it has always been marked as the day of protest and will never be anything but to me. The same topics are discussed every year, votes are traded, little positive action results. The staunch activists of 30 years ago are now quiet. Some years have more 'entertainment' value than others, but it is certainly not a day to feel good about being a Kiwi.

Where things progress from here is uncharted, but I for one think of today as nothing to celebrate and
will always liken it to picking a scab.

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