Monday, March 17, 2008

Boycott soon?

Whilst the most of the world key players roundly condemn China for murdering its citizens in the streets, her indoors lamely suggest we await 'more accurate info'.

What a fence-sitting response. Does she think these abusers, expert in looking good, will deliver anything but the diluted message they want us to see?

I expect nothing less when she is about to sign NZ over to the human rights abusers that are the Chinese Government. She wants her name etched in ink as the first to sign.

Next she will be muttering about sport should not be involved with politics. The two are inextricably linked, just like the power play that went on over rugby in SA. We should have never gone then, as we should not here. An international boycott is the only way.

The Tibetans have only one chance and these games are where they stand or die as a nation invaded some years ago by China. Unfortunately I do not like the odds when we have fence sitters like her indoors.

There is no need to sign a FTA in ink, Helen your name is being permanently etched in Tibetan blood as you procrastinate on this matter.

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