Monday, March 24, 2008

Monopoly to abandon home users

The incumbent comms monopoly has announced that it will ditch pain in the backside home users in favour of supporting paying business customers when it comes to broadband.

As if after the recent Bubble fiasco and the lack of support that can be had from Telecom was not enough, they are now about to totally cut off the home user. Seems they want yet more monies from users to deliver a 'guaranteed service'. I thought there was a law stating offerings had to be commercially fit for purpose.

I suppose, at least they are being honest about it. Instead of offering 'all you can eat', they are stating what customers have long known about the non-existent support. For a 'slightly differently priced service' (read well increased, although Telecom and the word service remain mutually exclusive)
there will be some guarantees about helpdesk and support

Still I expect nothing less from the monopoly. BTW, just how is the breakup of said monopoly going Minister of Comms?

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