Saturday, March 01, 2008

The drought breaker?

Here at 40S east of the Ruahines, the precipitation has just started at 1530, but is faltering.

Any is better than none, I can only hope we get at least 50mm over the next 48 hours.

The weather forecast looks promising for the first low to cross tonight, heading for the Chathams. Seems the second low off the West Coast will also cross afterwards.

Barely 50mm since Christmas is not good, although the grass here is still just green and needs mowing. Normally we get some that rain just sneaks over the hills, but we know when our lawn goes brown, the rest of NZ is deep in the muck.

Long may the drizzle continue.

Update: 0730 Sun 2nd - 12mm overnight, not a lot happening on rain radar

Update: 0730 Mon 3rd - Barely 8mm overnight, big high halfway up mainland. Not a drought breaker, nice to have tanks full.

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