Monday, March 03, 2008

One more us, one less of them

Murray hammers home the advantage after sowing the seeds of discontent in a mis-guided lefty.

“Chemist”: I’ve discovered something! (Yep still there)

RWFB: No you’ve learned something. It was already discovered.

“Chemist”: Its turns out that CO2 levels are actually following temperature change not driving it…

RWFB: Shit. Who’d a thunk it. (You see the conservative delivers a dead pan response because his prey is already the walking dead and the game is all but over)

“Chemist”: But this is the opposite of what was in Al Gores film…

RWFB: The politician?

“Chemist”:… er yeah…. He … … …lied to us?

About a week old, but none the less, a classy result.

HT to Scrubone over at HalfDone

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