Friday, March 28, 2008

Politicians with real spine?

Finally a pollie showing some spine and another keeping his options open. Dunne has refused to spend long hours travelling with her indoors. Winnie has done the same, doing what he does best, keeping Winston First ever ready to chase any falling baubles that may be on offer.

It is only five days till her indoors will probably be in London seeing the Queen at the Sir Ed Memorial. After that, if she gets an invite, she might be off to Beijing
to sign the FTA with the fast drying blood of Tibetans.

I wonder if the imminent coup is only days away. Are Goff or Cullen about to show some real spine and roll her indoors whilst enroute? Maybe Mikee will take out both, as Phil has been sent to Coventry Timor. Otherwise seven and half months is far too long to wait.

I eagerly await the fallout, but alas, I also feel a change of guard will not help their odds, just hasten their demise.

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