Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The real world

kg over at CR has had a long night shift tending to those ambo patients in dire and timely need of treatment for ingrown toe nails and headaches in the early hours.

In a re-served old post, he discusses the need for real men in a real world vs the drivel of teamwork and sensitivity. Predictably a few have bitten hard, and garnered the similarly predictable response from one suffering from post-night shift rats:
Yeah, I'm a "bit touchy" all right.

I'm bloody sick of being told by
women all that we men do wrong, sick to death of women lecturing us about health and safety, women deciding what constitutes acceptable family life, women denying small boys outlets for their masculine instincts, women fucking the quality of life by placing safety above all else to the point where life for a man is supposed to be some kind of bland supplier-role for mommy and the kids.

Men are more than just providers and robots to do some woman's bidding.

Thank God I know some real women who don't do those things, women such as my own wife and Diamond Mair (for example) who realize that men have a right to be men.

Take your half-baked, purse-lipped, ignorant disapproval elsewhere.

Or--in case you misunderstand me--piss off.

Well said kg, as Oswald suggests, tell us how you really feel.

Now, if only there some real world men like kg in the National Party or any party for that matter. Then we would have points of difference to discuss and vote for.

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