Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The phoney war

Her indoors has seen the odds on the long game are not good and is talking about the phoney war ending when the Opposition actually issues policy. No need for policy to upset the cart, Liarbour shoots itself in the foot every day in this one-sided war.

It will be too late, for by then hopefully she will have been rolled. But, as always, shoot the messenger first - the poll methodology is shonky she says. Also, another messenger, the NZ Law Journal Editor gets a blast for being on the 'opposite side of the political spectrum'. No gong for him, I'd bet.

But I've made it very clear that the strategy going forward is to be a competent government, get on with appropriately leading and running public affairs, get on with rolling out our plan for the future.
Recent events this side of Christmas suggest otherwise. Health board fired, pissed quacks on the job, ongoing soft sentencing and crims on holiday at home are just a few that come to mind.

she was not planning a "circuit-breaker" to arrest the run of bad polls
More like, fresh out of ideas. Nothing other than a few measly tax-cut bribes in the budget to be proffered. The economic sea-change of the imminent dreaded 'R' word has put paid to all inducements as the war chest is plundered.

She is so wrong suggesting that voters are not focussed on the election yet and that her party will be competitive. I have yet to find someone who actually admits to voting for Liarbour, the word I hear everywhere is (and has been for ages) anti-Helen. By her own words, I will watch happily her and her cohorts in this corrupt government 'cruise to defeat'.

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