Sunday, March 16, 2008

Resurgent Vote Spoiler

Liarbour must be laughing all the way to a fourth term after ACT's recent resurgence. The Nats will be cringing in their corner, for day by day the endgame slips from their grasp.

As was recently noted somewhere I was reading, somebody removed the stake out of ACT's old leader and now he is apparently to stand in Hunua against JC as noted by No Minister and WhaleOil. The blogosphere is all a-twitter. It now appears that a lot of what I thought were right wing commentariat possibly supporting Nats, are actually closet ACT supporters rapidly outing themselves. Some have been for a free feed and talkfest at the conference. What next? Put forward the retired rabid dog Prebble?

Why bother ACT, if an ancient Knight and a stripped down Rodney is all that is on offer?

just a flash in the pan and the vote spoiler for the Nats?

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