Monday, March 03, 2008

Corpse chasing admitted

While the power is still off in last year's despicable case of vote chasing in deepest tiling country, Key has suggested the following about her indoors
in fact she got enormous coverage from the Hillary funeral ... not that that was political

As I know, he confirms that, like any pollie, they will stoop to any level to garner votes.

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Murray said...

This is a bit of shameless hackery isn't it?

Given Hillarys standing the involvement of the PM - whoever it may be - is fully apropriate.

Ed was a staunch and vocal supporter of the labour party and Helen Clark was a personal friend.

Also he responses to the claims of being "snubbed" by the royals were dealt with generosity and acknowledgement of the honor they had offered with a private chapel service.

Given the oportunity this represented to clark - a hard core repbublican - to kick the monarchy she actually behaved with some dignity.

On this ocasion clark gets a 9 out 10 from in her handling of the matter.

Don't expect that to happen again in the near future.

And lets just look at what Key did say again shall we:

Mr Key did not believe he'd had more publicity than Helen Clark at the start of the year "and in fact she got enormous coverage from the [Sir Edmund] Hillary funeral ... not that that was political."

"not that that was political" Key simply pointed out she had a higer visibility from the event. He made no acusation of her "stooping to any levels" like accusing someone of being a corpse chaser might be considering stooping by some.

Like me.

Bad blogging, weak and constructed argument and attempting to create arugment where none existed. Plenty of of alternate sources and actual conflict left unexplored.

D- Do better, stay after class and clean the dusters.