Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dannevirke to get funding for Viking statue?

All the permissions are in place, but funding I believe is still an issue. And the project seems to have lost momentum for funding.

Now that Tauranga gets $150K for a 'monster' dog statue courtesy of the taxpayer, I think it only fair that a rampant Viking is similarly funded, putting Dannevegas firmly on the tourist map. A precedent has been set and the thought of Prince Billy doing the big reveal with Kate would give sense of occasion.

As long has been the case, detractors of the 'pagan' statue, fundy god-botherers and descendants of stone-age pagans alike, will no doubt have their vitriolic input.

How about making the funding happen Minister of Economic Development? After all it is a community project.

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Lucia Maria said...

We have a statue of Our Lady in Paraparaumu, that as I far as I know, has been entirely privately funded. But, I suppose it's religious, so it doesn't count!