Sunday, June 17, 2012

Winston Peters has interests of New Zealanders at heart

"An immigrant can arrive here at the age of 55, pay no direct tax for 10 years and receive full New Zealand super at 65", Mr Peters said.

"A young couple from China, where there is a limit on family size can bring in four elderly parents who don't have to work here in the 10 years before they turn 65, yet they will all receive full New Zealand super."

"New Zealand First is looking very closely at the situation. We believe the welfare of New Zealanders comes first."

Desperate for media attention via a xenophobic dog whistle, Winston is after all a nice man at heart. He says 'the welfare of New Zealanders come first' and that his party is looking closely at the entrails. Nice!

Winnie, would that be the same elderly ex-immigrants who do indeed subsequently gain New Zealand citizenship and thus are entitled to super? And your bribe Gold Card?


Viking said...

Frankly, he is right and it not only applies to Chinese but to Pacificans as well. I recently came across a similar scam with young Pacificans being adopted into a family that had residency and then arriving here to claim the dole and work subsidies agead of Kiwiborn and breds.
It was a scam completeed in the Islands and accepted by immigration. Nothing the winz people could do about it.
Same scam applies when o0verstayers marry a local e.g. a maori woman to slide in under the rules. No sooner married and pais their fee than they turn ugly and split up. Had a some tenneants do that last year.

And you forgot to add that these people also become automatically entitled to all opther things kiwi such as Health Care etc.

Why don't you go into bat for our country instead of others selfish efforts. If you want to pay the tax that's fine you can contribute my share towards this behavoir.

Some people just never thinik properly do you.

PM of NZ said...

Jeez Viking, I appear to have hit a raw nerve there.

Rising above your attempts to play the man, unfortunately the law on Super and other handouts is as it stands.

If the rules irk you so much, have you done anything positive about getting those laws changed?

Anonymous said...

PM is right to a degree. I think you simply need to be a NZ resident to get super. One could say that if you're a resident, then you're a New Zealander. He's a pig, that Winston.