Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Insidious green creep

towns simply have to meet goals including ... demonstrable support from a local council resolution

aspires to convince other areas in Southland, and Invercargill city, to take part

The insidious creep of gaining 'the big green benediction' never ceases.

One does wonder why an organisation supposedly fairly trading its products requires access to the ratepayers wallet? Next up, ratepayers will be cornered with paying over the odds for imported products vs local ones.

From today's editorial in SL Times


The Gantt Guy said...

The bloody Guytons, again. They are doing to Rivertn what he is doing to so many good and decent blogs.

I found this quote from the article particularly interesting: "Auckland Grammar, don't you know, has switched to Fairtrade certified sports balls, made by workers paid an acceptable minimum wage rather than being hand stitched by impoverished Pakistani children..."

Two questions:
(1) who decides what is "an acceptable minimum wage"?
(2) what are those "impoverished Pakistani children" doing for food, clothing and shelter now their income-stream has been cut off?

Damn you watermelons. Youre so cruel! Won't you think of the children?

robertguyton said...

"Insidious green creep"!
I thought you were referring to me!

Brave, anonymous commenters and blogger - you should fear the bloody Guytons! We're coming for you and bringing public opinion along with us. Your town is next and you know you'll feel better when you're green.

The Gantt Guy said...

If public opinion backs your watermelon philosophy, it points to 3 things:
(1) the gullibility and lack of ability to reason of the average kiwi
(2) the success of your decades-long campaign of propaganda and lies
(3) the bias of the mainstream media.

No sane person who has ever read the watermelon party's policy platform could ever wish them within 1,000 miles of the levers of power.

PM of NZ said...

I thought you were referring to me!

RG, unlike yourself, as witnessed in another comment by yourself on this very blog today, fortunately I do not stoop to personal abuse.

But if the cap fits...