Monday, June 11, 2012

Someone at ACC is telling porkies

After watching the Sunday night drivel on the box last night, the TV3 Pullar interview left me with only one conclusion.

ACC has real internal problems that require urgent fixing and someone is in full scale whitewash mode.

I don't normally watch the Sunday night 1930 tear jerkers on either channel as a rule, but saw this one coming up and this Pullar woman looked sane enough to watch for 5 mins. Sure, TV3 will have done highly selective editing for maximum effect, with tears and the usual "won't someone think of the children" style, but she certainly appears to be openly stating the case. Also, no wonder Crusher Collins is after the two dickhead Labour MPs for defamation.

The case has gone on for years and exposes a thoroughly unpleasant culture at ACC. I also wonder why the ACC quack that has a personal interest in her case continues to be employed. The Police, WINZ and IRD have much more rigorous standards.

If that was a private company delivering that service, if you could call it that, it is one I would not recommend. Unfortunately for the New Zealand taxpayer, we are saddled with these pricks with their feet under the desk in jobs for life.

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