Sunday, June 03, 2012

Feral breeds and fresh meat

The proper response should be compulsory sterilisation

Our long favoured columnist suggests CYFS should be in the delivery suite. Bound to cause comment from the usual anti-eugenics brigade.

The problem is there are those self-appointed arbiters of what the public should and shouldn't see or read. They are the ones who'll be upset at this portrayal.

Meanwhile an academic gets all exercised over the possibly raw, but nicely garnished, fresh meat.


Anonymous said...

Cyfs are already in the Delivery Unit taking babies away from unfit mothers. The problem is where they go to and in most cases it is to 'whanau' who are the ones responsible for having already raised a generation of ferals ….. and we are expecting them to do differently this time?

Anonymous said...

So you're from the pro-eugenics brigade then. You share your views with some of history's most famous monsters. Thankfully you're a bit stupid, so not really in their league.

PM of NZ said...

Anon 1: History repeats and we never learn.

Anon 2: I did not say whether I was from any brigade, having merely made an observation. But again we have written proof of your inability for reasoned argument.

Alex said...

Fuck Michael Laws. He advocates policies that put people in poverty and them blames them once they're there. He is the worst kind of opportunistic politician, one who blames people at the bottom of the heap for the problems created by others.