Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ranginui Walker message: Maori are dumb

you don't have to be very smart to be a doctor.

"It only takes an IQ of 100 to succeed in medicine. It's not rocket science."
Straight from the horses mouth, the message is 'our people' are of a lower IQ than others. Well I never! Did he just say that? As expected the slobbering radio hosts lapped it up.

too few Maori doctors could be fixed easily.

The university dropped the bar to a B-bursary for Maori.

Everyone else needed an A-bursary or better

He expects ivory towers to accommodate such failings with a two tier entry system. One based on merit, the other based on skin colour.

... aim was simple:

"To get a more representative sample of the population into the profession of medicine."

Representative sample? No mention that some of that sample was not up to standard.

If I look closely enough, there'll be a clause for apartheid in that bloody treaty.

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