Sunday, June 10, 2012

LabourLite - Report card: F for FAIL

U-turn on mining in national parks

becoming concerned at the Government's sensitivity to popularity

had also failed to make any bold cost-cutting moves,
such as ... adjusting ... Working for Families or KiwiSaver

next issue on the horizon was cuts to police pay, but the police union would look at the education experience and know if it "acted with firmness and resolve" it could also achieve a backdown

the backdown would haunt the Government

bowing to public pressure was a sign of weakness

National proves it is unfit to govern. But then that's what you get with fence sitting Mr Popularity at the helm, being everyone's friend. A definite FAIL.

LabourLite, you've blown your only chance three and a half years in, the rest of your tenure will be awaiting confirmation at the ballot box.

One despairs for real government in New Zealand.

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The Gantt Guy said...

But, but but isn't being everyone's friend, smiling so nicely and waving sweetly, just so ... Statesmanlike? Sure the economy is tanking. Sure we're importing more third-world detritus than ever before. Sure race relations has regressed by half a century.

But isn't that Mr Key just so lovely?