Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Overstating the case: "Teachers know best"

do not want the funding provided by the decile system to be abandoned.

But they say the "stigma" created by publishing decile rankings should be eliminated.

The first is the instinct to keep information out of the public eye.

Typical of entrenched public servants. Justify the need for extra dosh by hiding results.

the unflattering light in which they often cast parents.

Parents are deemed unable to distinguish between schools that provide an education that will give their children the opportunity to gain the best-possible qualification and those that are not providing the best for their pupils.

Teachers talking up their case protecting their entrenched jobs for life for under performers. Unfortunately as we parents and grandparents know, the actual results show otherwise, as we daily see the results of illiteracy.

The sooner the raw data on National Standards is made available and league tables are privately published without Ministry or teacher spin, then parents will be able to distinguish between the real performers and non-performers.

Herald editorial

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