Thursday, May 31, 2007


Mr Lee on the regional council is telling, a Mr Hucker, 2IC of the Auckland City Council to stay true to his elected platform and stop supporting the proposed horrendous water price rises.

Almost 10 years ago, control of water was removed from the regional council and given to to the local councils who now want to operate it as a cash cow, paying divendends and offsetting equally horrendous rates rises.

Mr Hucker has been nothing short of a thorn in the side of the council, having told the then recently elected Mayor that he was effectively in control and that he would not be listening to him anytime soon. The saga continues to fester, with ratepayers being stiffed from all angles, especially through water which is being used to fund all manner of 'nice to haves'.

Mr Lee says,
"You can't have an absolutely unchallenged monopoly gouging prices from a captive audience that cannot possibly do without water and be treated as a slush fund for hiding rates increases."

Congratulations to Mr Lee for standing up to this jumped up fence sitter. The bottom line is that all councils need to do some basic budgeting - if you cannot afford it, do not even think of buying it! Tell the would be 'needy' recipients, with their hand out for more that the money is not there and there will be none available any time soon!

Mr Lee sums up concisely the ratepayers mood,
"All that can come out of this is growing cynicism about politicians and politics."

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