Monday, May 14, 2007

You expect that then...

Over at granny's place this morning, the trolls are out in force defending the indefensible.

All sorts are coming out of the woodwork - no doubt looking for this to be closed down asap because if it ever got to a full on enquiry it would be anybody's guess what might be under a few stones.

Seems the main man is doing it Howard's way, by not denying the tacky movie, but equally assuming whilst he is still polishing the commissioner's seat;

"I also understand I have the confidence of the Prime Minister,"
Someone ought to tell him that he remains totally at her pleasure, I suspect there will not be too much of that emanating from the ninth floor today, with various named Cabinet Ministers involved in this so called witchhunt.

The Police Minister will have had a somewhat busy weekend running coverup since the full and frank briefing by Howard on Saturday night. One can only wonder where this will go.

The main issue is not Broad, he is only the vehicle - the most interesting is the named ministers allegedy colluding with Police to cover up a porn ring run in Dunedin. It is a pity that the MSM cannot do their job and push the MP's with some pertinent yes/no questions.

Watch this space - no doubt 'facts' will flow loose and fast today backing up Howard, but all the while pushing the real topic to the rear.

Move along, there is nothing to see here...

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