Sunday, May 13, 2007


A judge, with an apparent history for telling anyone who cares to listen, has suggested that Mr Blair, were he to stand trial for war crimes, with out the current immunity he enjoys, he just might be found guilty.

Now, as usual, all sorts of people are running for cover and muttering things like 'Hey chap, that's just not the done thing!". Others like Keith Locke, are saying good on him for saying what need to be said.

Seems like all sorts, upon imminent retirement, or having announced their retirement, start frothing at the jawline. Tana did a very good example the other week upon his departure, muttering something about useless refs. I would suspect that this judge will soon be drawing on his no doubt very large government pension.

It is a pity that these people while in office do not consistently push the envelope with such comments, instead opting to keep quiet, protecting their large paypackets!

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