Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Auckland's second airport?

As previously noted, WCC has bought itself a fight re the proposed district plan change.

Submissions closed recently and WCC reports that over 2
,650 submissions were made, 82 for and the rest against. It seems more than a few were made using the pro-forma provided the by opposition over at WAAG and Cr. Hulse seems to suggest these submissions are of less stature than those formally written!

Also it seems that many of these pro-forma ones are from out of district submitters from across the water on the North Shore. Funny that - especially when Shore residents will have live with the noise and pollution from aircraft transiting over their lovely houses on the nothern beaches, downwind of the proposed 24x7 airport! I wonder do they really know how much airport noise carries at night?

This exercise must have stiffed ratepayers a bundle so far because every submitter apparently now has been directly notified that they can view all the submissions and can make further submissions to their original one. What a hell of an amount of paper, keeping NZ Post in business, no doubt all of it on non-carbon producing eco-city recycled paper. I sure would love a forest of the trees that produce that paper - I could be a squillionaire!

Cr. Hulse even goes so far to admit it is a bureaucratic procedure which must be endured. I would bet that she has not done one thing during her term of leeching off the ratepayer to reduce said bureaucracy.


WAAG has posted their reaction 10/5. Notable points 97% against and also that the WCC deliberately did not ask for submissions from the North Shore City residents across the water who lie under the approach paths

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