Thursday, May 31, 2007

Police still not getting it right

On Monday, Mr Kahui charged with the murder of the twins failed to report for one of his bi-weekly bail checks with the Police.

His lame excuse was that he thought it was a public holiday and thus did not have to report - he was only on holiday a week early! Now on Tuesday, he firstly rings his lawyer, knows his rights this one, not the Police as a courtesy. The lawyer advised him to get down to the cop shop where he was promptly arrested for breach of bail and fronted before a beak.

The judge stated that his excuse was a little bit thin and got the usual wet bus ticket. Now after all the
bail breach issues supposedly recently sorted after Burton went amok, whilst the authorities diddled around working out just when they might act on him breaching bail, one would think that Mr Kahui would have been chased and arrested on Monday as soon as bail as breached.

Had the Police taken any action prior to him turning up on Tuesday? I suspect not.

The show goes on, next court appearance is in August and hopefully the issue will not arise again at Labour weekend as he could be on a permanent holiday courtesy of the Queen.

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