Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Move on - there is nothing to see here!

A busy day today watching all sorts of damage control over the Investigate article - seems to have opened a large can of worms. The PM is suggesting there is nothing to see here, move on!

The MSM are fixated on the tacky movie and are running sod all about the MP's involvement in the alleged matters. There is a bigger here story than Howard's going away piss-up! As expected, Helen has clamped down on the MSM this afternoon making the comment below.
sometimes though people go over a line which is very clear, and I am sure all media are mindful of that
That comment is an un-veiled threat to the freedom of speech if I ever saw one!

Various claims and counterclaims are emerging thick and fast - Helen has implicated the EB as the root cause of the story, dragging a PI into the frame. The PI has retaliated saying the movie was zip to do with him. I would think that most males of the era would have seen more than one or two tacky movies or in later times, videos.

Helen has taken the soft option by giving the allegations to the PCA to investigate their own, directing the supposedly impartial judicary to run with this: "
I urge her to". A royal commission would better serve the public to get this whole issue sorted once and for all.

She also suggests that "
Other more extreme allegations cannot be published for legal reasons" - Get Real! - the multiple allegations are already in print far and wide!

Chiming in on time, 2IC Michael is not denying he may have seen such a report, but instead "
accepted he may have circulated a report into the allegations". Interesting.

I notice that Kiwiblog is very quiet today - no real change since early yesterday - David must be busy...

Congratulations for David Bain achieving bail this afternoon - something really stinks with that case!

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