Friday, May 25, 2007

Grandma's Brag Book

Here we go again - serious assault on the working bank balance again - number 2 grandchild is on the way.

The photo's have started and the brag book is be
ing created as I write. We have just received a tiddly card with scanned photies at 3 months, or thereabouts and her indoors is going gaga, talking of migrating back to JafaLand to witness (read pay for!) said number 2's entry to this world under a corrupt government.

Now son has been advised he is now on permanent stoppage, birthdays and Christmas if he is unlucky. He advises me that as long as it does interfere with his fishing and after hours entertainment sampling all flavours of alcohol, so what?

I have news for him and it is all bad! He is buggered, now on a very short leash and the next 20 odd years are downhill. I can only wish for a second grandson (unfortunately I cannot yet ascertain from the dodgy photos whether number 2 has a toggle and two!), to be able to instil the correct ways of men and where female genes fit into their world!

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