Monday, May 14, 2007

Jets sold. Yeah Right!

Mr Goff has been for a jolly to the US of A to peddle our case to the State Department and told to bugger off. Hell, they even said sorry to us!

The diplomatic word is that the issue lies internally with the States, but every one knows that the real issue is that as long as NZ does not have combat wing, these planes will never shift. The US has been paid for them and there is no interest on their part but to laugh at us.

On top of that, being an anti nuke peacemonger does not help one little bit - these are military aircraft that should be being used for what they were purchased for - combat.

We have had our bit of anti-nuke fun, the sooner we go nuclear the better. No more issues with power shortages. I look forward to the future day when the wind farms are all stopped due to no wind and and the lights go out. That day will come soon, and then there will some serious discussion on nuclear energy.

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