Monday, May 14, 2007

Ratepayers funding wrecks

Judith has finally found out where Jafaland is and concocted this harebrained idea pay the owners of barely mobile vehicles $400 to get onto public transport.

Seems these wrecks might be a major cause of air pollution which can be fixed by paying out heaps of ratepayers money - these usual fix for a cash strapped government. Never any thought of fining hell out of the owners for using these air pollution devices without a warrant or other legal niceties to swell the ratepayer coffers.

Now, should such a scheme get off the ground, those with half a brain cell will be queuing up at the local car yard for a mobile wreck and going straight to Jude's place for a cash refund. I can see vehicles coming from far and wide, especially from south of the Bombays. Get caught on the way by the fuzz? - Just plead I am saving the planet and am on my way to get on Jude's bus!

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