Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fleeting Moments in the Sun

This week witnessed a milestone for NZ bloggers as the 'sewer of NZ politics' went mainstream on Te News on the box over the Lunatic of Lake Road and the Supercity of Orklund. Mirroring what is occurring in the UK over smear emails and the like.

As I ponder issues from south of the Bombay Line whilst waiting for the next webpage to load on dialup, I see sudden fame is affecting matters.
Busted Blonde has probably just heard one side of the story and doesn't understand the full picture as well as WOBH.

All he has to do is watch me destroy him and take notes at how I did it.

Just in case you are wondering what my thoughts are, this post isn't about those, it is about anyone outside of Auckland shutting the eff up.

Just so we are in no doubt about what I am about it is Auckland Solutions from Aucklanders, the rest of you can all just STFU!

The tone of blogging has changed. For worse, I fear. Most of those at the VRWC imho are working toward similar results and some only get to see little bits of the picture. And like myself, rightly present their tuppence worth on that visible segment.

A fleeting moment in the sun? Pride before a fall?


LaFemme said...

My husband and I have been discussing your observations, both thinking we should comment but neither sure of what to say, except to agree that you're right. It's one thing to snipe at each other, which I've done myself, but it's getting downright ugly out there in Blog World...threatening even.

PM of NZ said...

Although I am a minnow in such matters, I feel there is little need to descend into what might be best termed off-colour commentary.

There are plenty of matters to comment on without personalising the issues.

Still, whatever turns your wheels is what we will write about.