Thursday, April 02, 2009

'... for the betterment ...'

An insidious phrase straight from one wreaking their own deluded brand of social engineering on the young populace.
behaviour that verges on "coercive" and "potentially alienating"

Step locked with failed socialist ideologies this one thinks he is doing God's work by releasing confidential personal information.

The only 'betterment' required is a lynch mob.


Pique oil said...

Do these creatures not understand that the world has changed.The rules are not what they used to be and people are starting to assert themselves and their rights.

The advice from the Privacy commission was that people could opt out if they wished.
People have the right to opt in if they wish.
So what use is the Privacy commission?

KG said...

Well, that's a relief--I thought I must be the only person who found this story bloody annoying.
It seems we have a right to privacy--until some mealy-mouthed do-gooder decides something is for our own good. (as judged by their personal criteria)
If I were the parent of a child who had personal details released by the school I'd sue the ba**ards.

PM of NZ said...

PO, So right. Our lives are full of inclusion by mere existence. Relentless assertion is required.

KG, I suspect that modern parents would find that somewhere in the fine print attached to having their rugrat attend a local social engineering institution that the right to sue has been usurped by the mealy-mouthed-do-gooder creatures resident within.