Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Ulimate Contractual Backstop

The theme of the day is democratic representation by persons of a certain ethicity. Blair has a very good writeup on the subject, inviting would be reps to take up the challenge in 2010.

Meanwhile we witness another similar democratic process that has not 'gone the usual way' as the government looks for value for taxpayer dollars. It is now being challenged by the loser. Using the ultimate backstop. A complaint to that arbiter of the grievance industry, the Waitangi Tribunal.
It should have been consulted over two West Auckland contracts because of its local "rangatira" role.

A normal democratic business practice was employed and as it is said, winner takes all. And will very likely do a damned fine job.
It awarded the contracts on merit to agencies that best showed they could meet local needs.

It does not consult unsuccessful tenderers before awarding contracts.

The government agency provides the correct response.

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